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My Online Promotional

My Online Promotional & Marketing Services

        Powerful Viral eBooks & Reports

Whatever the nature of your business, just give me a good brief on your industry.  I will further research the subject and produce powerful reports and mini eBooks which is guaranteed to excite your customers for the excellent value it will offer them.

      Place well written articles

I can have well written articles, based on your inputs and my own research and place them in targeted websites and content portals across the world with links back to your website. 

      Building prospect lists

Advice you on various long term strategies to build a huge list of prospects.  In online marketing prospect lists are the biggest asset because they are going to be your customers soon enough if you have a consistent communication them.

      Create and edit an Ezine for you

Ezines and newsletters are the building blocks of your list.  Use it to gain a strong loyalty from your customers and prospects.

      Create inexpensive online communication tools for your Organization

Your success depends on how fast your organization can communicate vertically and horizontally within, react speedily to events outside the organization and in the trade community.  There are tools which can be leveraged at negligible costs for internal and external communication.

I can go on listing more services like creating a sales page which will drive more traffic to your site, create your ebrochures, a forum where your targeted customers would be eating out of your hands.  But the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Take Action Now!  Take the best decision ever for your business.  Just drop a line to with your requirements.  If you are in Chennai or India you can call me straight at 9382859261

Let's move your business to the next level!    

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Home Business Resources

Here's every resource you ever needed for setting up and running a successful Home Business.  Get daily information on latest developments on the home based business scenario across the world, links to f*r*ee downloads of tools and eBooks and a choice selection of breaking opportunities from the Internet Gurus. Just Click here to check out the Home Business Resources Blog.